Saturday, December 27, 2008

CPSIA will kill handmade!

The CPSIA will make it ILLEGAL to make and sell children's items like I do for extra money. According to some interpretations, you won't even be able to give your child's crib away without a lead testing certificate. Certainly we need restrictions on lead in our children's toys and furniture, but the CPSIA is going after things made IN the USA, which is NOT the problem!
Please at least watch the video, Kalten's in there!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad mom

What a crazy day today! I took Kalten to the library like usual, and when we were leaving, I finally figured out how to outsmart the car. It's almost impossible to lock your keys in there without meaning to, but I did it. It was cold, so I hit the auto-start button to warm the car up, which requires you to lock the car and push auto-start within a second or so. When you hit lock with one of the doors open, it dings and then waits for five seconds after all the doors are closed, and then locks. I threw the keys onto the seat, finished buckling Kalten in, handed him a box of raisins, and shut the door, completely forgetting the five-second rule, or that I had even locked it in the first place. I got around to my door, had my hand on the handle, and heard the thunk of the lock. I looked in the car and there were my keys, sitting on the seat.

Paul wasn't answering his phone. He slept through three calls. I called my sister-in-law, and she said she would be right there. I stood there outside the car watching Kalten blissfully eat his box of raisins. He kept looking at me funny, like "why aren't you getting in?" Eventually, he got down to the point where he couldn't reach the rest of the raisins. He always needs my help at that point, and he started crying when I wouldn't help him. So of course I started crying.

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law and my brother went to our house, woke Paul up, got his keys, and brought them to the library. I was standing outside the car being all upset, and suddenly it unlocked. I didn't see anyone around and it really freaked me out. I flung the door open just in case it decided to lock again. I looked up and there was my brother's car, my SIL handing the keys to me out the window. She had been pushing unlock on the remote, I just didn't see them pull up.

After that we went on a search for snowboots. At Salvation Army, we found a pair of size 8's that were mostly white, but they were girls' boots and had a little bit of pink and sparkles. We would have had to paint over that or something, and I didn't want to spend $5 and do a lot of work. At Goodwill, we found a pair of 5's and a pair of 6's. I could cram his feet into the 6's, but only barely, and again, they were $5 and who knows how long they would fit? Besides, they couldn't have been comfortable. So we'll keep looking.

At home, we ate lunch, then snuggled on the couch for a nap. I woke up at 3:20, my alarm hadn't woken me up. I had a doctor appointment scheduled for 3:45, forty minutes away. The worst part is that I already forgot this appointment and had to re-schedule it for today. I packed a diaper bag, threw a blanket around Kalten, threw him in the car, and headed out. I called on the way to let them know I was coming. I felt awful and stupid, like I couldn't do anything right today.

My weight and blood pressure look good, and Dr. T. gave me a prescription for Tylenol with codeine for my teeth for any time I can't sleep because of them, but he agreed that it's best to wait for the baby to be born before I get it fixed. Nine more weeks of this? Aarg!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"You just hit a pregnant lady!"

Yesterday stunk.

I paid $64 for a dentist to look at my teeth with a mirror and say "come back after your baby is born and then we can fix it." It would have been nice for them to tell me BEFORE that anything in the 3rd trimester is taboo. I had a lot of pain at Thanksgiving because of a toothache, and they couldn't get me in until yesterday.

Then on the way home I was waiting to turn left and suddenly -BAM!- I got rear-ended. The guy of course was all "I didn't hurt your car, come look" and meek little me went out and looked and OF COURSE you don't see anything right away. We were in the way and he was pushy like "I dented my truck, but your car is fine, want to forget about it?" I didn't want to be trouble, but I should have gotten his name and number, at least! The impact was enough to knock my hat off my head, after all. There's a stinking vertical dent next to the license plate, a deep dent in the license plate, and a few marks above. Nothing we'd actually turn in to insurance, all cosmetic I'm sure, but there's ME to worry about.

I wrote down everything I could remember about him and his truck, which is not much. So if any of you in the 'Port see a middle-age white guy with short dark hair driving a red Dodge(?) pickup truck with a dented front bumper over a license plate that's all numbers (11275?), be sure to give him the finger for me.

I feel fine, though, and the baby is moving normally, and Kalten wasn't with me, or he'd be getting checked out for sure.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yay boop!

Nothing really new with pregnancy, I just wanted to share Kalten's big accomplishment from last night:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kalten's first ER visit

We had a little scare with Kalten last night. We ended up in the emergency room, but everything's fine now.

It started out with a fit. He wanted in the kitchen when I was making lunch, but he kept being naughty and getting into stuff, so I put him back over the gate, and he threw a big fit, not like him at all. All-out screaming and laying on the floor, but it didn't last long.

Later, we had to go to the post office, and while he was strapped into the car, he kept saying "rig!" and holding his tummy. Rig means cold, I don't know why he pronounces it that way. I think he meant that it hurt. He was also saying ow off and on.

When we got home, he just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV. Paul went to school, and suddenly Kalten got a little more urgent in his owies. I finally thought to feel his hernia, which was hard! I couldn't push his guts back in like normal, so I took him down to my parents' house. Mom felt it and called my aunt, who is a nurse. She said he needed to be seen right away. Meanwhile I had put a call in to the phone nurse, and when she called me back, she said the same thing. A strangulated hernia requires emergency surgery. When I heard that, I freaked out. My baby can't need surgery!

We waited for Paul to get home, and while we were waiting, Kalten was playing as usual, just holding his belly and not letting us touch it. It was almost time for Paul to get home, so I was getting Kalten ready to go, and I felt one more time. This time it was soft! It had fixed itself, but he still was sensitive about letting us touch it, so we decided to still take him in.

I got major deja vu on the way to the ER because suddenly there were red and blue flashing lights behind us. We pulled over, and the cop flew by on his way somewhere else, THANK GOODNESS. Kalten fell asleep in the car and woke up as we were checking in.

We got into a room right away, it was a quiet night. When the doctor came in, she didn't take any time to get Kalten to warm up to her, she sat on the rolly doctor stool and rolled over, and it made the most awful screeching noise and scared Kalten, who was already a little worried. Then she tried to lift up his shirt and put her hands on him, and that was the end of it. Every time he saw her, he cried and cuddled in closer to me. All the nurses and other doctors were fine. He was a little wary, but not all-out belligerent.

She sent us for x-rays to make sure there was no blockage, and Kalten refused to cooperate. We had to pull his pants down so the snap was out of the way, and he would not sit or stand still. To make things worse, I couldn't be in the room because of the baby. Paul and one of the x-ray techs had to hold him down. They gave him a little Beanie Baby lion, which he refused at first, and then cuddled.

The doctor told us he would need surgery because it might happen again and to make an appointment with his regular pediatrician. On the way home, we stopped at "Yellow M" (can you guess?) since we hadn't eaten dinner.

His regular pediatrician said since it's fine now he doesn't need surgery and that it might not even happen again his whole life. If it starts happening more, then we'll do a surgery consult, but as of now it's not even a problem. That made me happy because nobody wants to see their kid go through surgery, even one as simple as that. It also made me mad because we really can't afford to drop twenties all the time just to hear that everything's fine, which could have been said last night in the ER.

Deja vu again, because that's exactly what happened when I was pregnant with him and had my hernia. ER doc sent me to surgery consult, and the surgeon said "I won't operate on a pregnant woman, ER doc knows that." Schhhhhp, that's the sound of money going down the drain.

At least we know everything's okay. We can be thankful for that.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A one-track mind

"Kalten, what should we have for dinner tonight?"
"Sounds good to me, but we'll have to make more than that"
*makes cocoa*
*drinks cocoa*
"Okay now what should we have for dinner?"
"We just had cocoa, what else should we have?"
"More cocoa!"

I also found him out in the kitchen eating uncooked macaroni. Dinner is served!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fewer than 100 days to go!

I think we've had the last warm day of the year. By the time it gets warm again, Baby Applesauce will be here! I'm really not looking forward to winter. I like cooler weather, but not cold. I hate that it gets dark at 5 now because I never feel like going out after dark. It always feels too late.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A tablespoon of nuts

I was sitting here on the computer with Kalten on my lap, and he suddenly just BARFED all over me and himself. I took him into the bathroom and cleaned us both up while Paul tended to the floor. I took him back out into the living room and laid him on the couch to put on a new diaper. I handed him the tablespoon from our measuring spoons set since he will lay still if he's distracted, otherwise he will turn over and try to get away. The spoons are a great toy because they're brightly colored, they teach size, comparison, etc. and they nest together. So he was playing with that and suddenly reached down and fit the spoon right over his little sack!

I think I'm going to let him have that set and buy a new one!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This stuff. I splurged on it yesterday.

Except, I'd rather have it from here.

Want to take me there?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kalten's peeing in the potty!

We got him a potty chair a few months ago because he started staying dry through the night. He liked it and I set him on it in the morning and he went a few times, but only first thing in the morning and only when I asked if he wanted to. Eventually he lost interest so it just sat in the bathroom and I didn't push it.

Friday, out of the blue, he goes "Boppy!" I didn't know what he was saying at first because that's not the term we use. So I said "show me" and he walked into the bathroom and started to sit on the potty chair. I took his diaper off, and he just sat there and drove his hot wheels car on his legs. Then he started getting up, so I was going to put his diaper back on, but my sister-in-law came to the door because her car wouldn't start. I was talking to her, and K came out of the bathroom going "YAAAAAY!" I checked and he had done it!

Tonight he did it again! He's wearing "big boy pants" over his diaper now, which is the coolest thing in the world to him. He is all about "big boy" stuff right now. He likes to sleep in his big boy bed (which is actually a crib, hahaha), and he likes to drink out of a cup without a sippy lid. Man, it would be nice to get him out of diapers before the new baby comes, but I don't want to push him.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 23

Tomorrow we'll start week 23. 17 more weeks, it feels like forever! I get tired easily and I feel like my lungs are being squeezed. Maybe that's why my belly is so small, because Baby's taking up residence in my ribcage instead. I'm tempted to go back to the YMCA for water aerobics because it helps so much to float in the water, but I HATE being cold. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night on my back, and I can feel all my internal organs begging me to roll over and take the pressure off them. According to the tickers, Baby (Baby Applesauce, if you ask Kalten) is just under a foot long right now. He must be eating all my food, too, because the other day one of my rings slipped off and I didn't notice until I saw it lying on the floor. I may have to take them all off so I don't lose them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here comes a cold...

It always starts like this. A tiny feeling of "something" in my throat. Barely even sore, easy to ignore. Then tomorrow I'm going to wake up feeling like crap. Betcha.

I always get sick when I don't get enough sleep. This morning K was up at 2:30. TWO THIRTY. Pud took him in the car to try to get him back to sleep. Drove for almost an hour and decided it wasn't going to work. Headed for home, and by the time he got here, K was out.

So he gently took him out of the carseat, went to shut the car door, and our stupid cat had walked up and stuck his TAIL in there. So the cat SCREAMED, woke me up in the house, and of course woke K up. Pud brought him up to me and I tried to nurse him back down, but the adrenaline must have been too much. He would drift off, and sleep for a few minutes and then wake up crying.

We made a deal. Pud took him downstairs from 5:30-7:30 so I could sleep, and then he woke me up and I took him from 7:30-9:30 and Pud slept. He put on some soft songs on Windows Media Player with the visualization and basically hypnotized the kid to sleep for a little while. I wasn't so lucky, he was UP and ready to GO.

Around 8:30 he started asking for hot cocoa, so we walked to "YELLOW M!" (McDonalds) and I got Pud & me some greasy breakfast crap and a small hot cocoa for K. I drank a bunch of it, then poured milk in to cool it off and make it less strong, so it was more like warm, weak chocolate milk. Still, I felt like a big dork pushing the stroller with him slurping on a McD cup, since they don't have different cups for coffee and cocoa. I was positive everyone passing us was like "OMG YOU GIVE YOUR BABY COFFEE?!"

He was so funny in church today. Usually he likes the songs, and then I take him to the nursery afterward. He started getting restless in the middle of worship, so I said "do you want to go to the nursery?" He said yes, and I said, "but we're singing, don't you want to sing?" He started saying "nursery! nursery!" loudly over and over. Funny, cause last week he didn't want to go in. I set him down and said "wait for me" and started gathering his stuff. I looked up and he was gone. I ran out after him to help him down the steps. He stopped to peek in the baby nursery, which he always hated, and I started talking to the junior high pastor who was in there with his son. K ran out and into the toddler nursery and was apparently trying to check himself in. When I got there, I opened the little door and let him in, and he didn't even look back. When I went back to pick him up, he saw me and said kind of sternly, "ALL DONE!" and pointed to the toys. I don't know what that was about, if he was mad that they had picked up the toys or that I was there to get him or what. Either way, he picked up the cars he had brought and RAN to me, which made me feel pretty good. He heard the closing song start on the loudspeaker and yelled "DING!" which means sing. So we hurried back up there to sing the last song. He's such a character sometimes, he really cracks me up.

Nap went okay, I wish Pud would have been a little quieter, but it's hard for him to remember because he's not usually here for naptime and he's not the one who has to get sucked on to get the kid back to sleep.

The kids are coming at 5:45 tomorrow so I'm hoping he goes to sleep quickly so I can too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No news is good news, I guess.

I'm getting this tiring gut and having a lot of hernia pain, bleh. But I am so loving all the kicks and squirms. There's not a whole lot to update. Just a whole lot of waiting. At least we don't have the low fluid problem and the endless ultrasounds and non-stress tests.

Kalten's memory just blows me away. Back when I worked at the daycare, we watched Bob the Builder occasionally before lunch. We also watched other things like Veggie Tales or Rainbow Fish. Kalten never acted like he was all that interested; he'd rather play, and he never seemed to prefer it or even recognize it. The daycare was over when school started, so we haven't watched it since probably July or August. Today we were at Wal-Mart in the video aisle, and K pointed to a DVD and goes "Builder! Builder!" I didn't think he would have remembered, so I asked him, "Bob the Builder?" and he goes "uh-huh!" We borrowed the video from my mom, and he's watching it now.

I guess he's sort of advanced for his age. I don't know - he's just Kalten to me! Before Wal-Mart, I went to school to pay on my tuition, and the new director was really impressed with Kalten. She guessed he was two, and when I told her he was only 19 months, she said she used to be a speech therapist and that he has a really good vocabulary for his age and speaks very clearly. She was surprised that he knows colors and the alphabet as well. Usually he doesn't show off for people, but she gave him candy and he warmed right up, haha.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It begins...

I remember this part of the pregnancy with Kalten. The feeling like whatever air you're breathing just isn't enough. Not that I can't breathe, but like I can't get enough. Have you ever put a plastic bag over your head just because someone told you not to? Barring any plastic clinging to your nose and mouth, you can still breathe, but after a few ins and outs, it isn't enough. Time to sign up for water aerobics again. The only relief I got with K was to float. But at the same time, the water made me cold, and the cold made my yayas hurt. Do you think insurance would cover a hot tub?

I was just finishing up the soup and I realized that I was unconsciously sucking my belly in. So I let it out, and it just kept going out, and out, and out! At least it felt that way. I looked down and saw the same old tiny bump that's always been there. But it feels huge!

Speaking of bump, I may or may not be posting pictures. I'm not a big pregobelly pic person. I only have a few of the Kalten bump. So don't expect it, and you won't be disappointed.

Not really about pregnancy

I got to sleep until 5:30 today! Once outrageously early, this is sleeping in for me lately. We gave Kalten some Benadryl because apparently he inherited Paul's allergies. He slept so much more comfortably, until 3:30 because he wasn't wearing pants and got cold. But he went right back to sleep when I covered him up, and when I got up to open the door for Audree and Trent at 5:30 I was able to hold him, asleep, on the couch until they came. Kalten loves Trent so much. When he comes in, K's face just lights up and he says "T! T! T!" over and over. It's funny because he only makes the T sound instead of the name of the letter.

I'm making broccoli soup in the crock pot. Right now I've got the broccoli, celery, and onions cooking in chicken broth and it smells so good. I'll add the milk and cream and flour when Paul's at school so it'll be ready when he gets home at 6:30.

I'm putting off sticking Kalten in the tub. We had Spaghettios for lunch and he's got an orange beard, with green beans hiding in various crevices. He never used to eat green beans, but now he will eat the whole can if you let him. The secret is that once, I was way behind in making whatever the main course was, so the only thing on his plate was beans and he was hungry. He realized that he actually liked them, and now they're the first thing that goes. So far he likes beans, broccoli (only cooked), corn, potatoes, and cucumbers. He won't touch carrots, even when I take a bite of them so they look like the moon. He has to really hate something to not want it even when it's a moon shape. That's how I got him to try cucumbers, and now he likes those.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


While I'm really glad that we can just dig out and reuse Kalten's outgrown clothes instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, I'm still pulled to the baby aisles. I found a helicopter onesie in the clearance tonight. If you know Kalten, you probably know that helicopters are one of his favorite things ever. I figure if the new kid comes in appealing packaging, Kalten's more likely to accept him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ultrasound 9/26/08 from Hey, Dooney! on Vimeo.

A little distracted

"Stop! You don't have to be a lizard! You're still my dad!"

I was opening this page to write a little, and I heard that from the TV next to me, from yet another Spiderman spinoff. What happened to Saturday morning cartoons? *sigh*

Anyway, I forgot to mention yesterday that we felt movement from the outside for the first time. I've been feeling the wiggles (note the lowercase "w") for quite a while but they were all internal.

Kalten has been waking up insanely early lately. A few days ago he was up for the day at 3:30. He tries to read the numbers on the clock, but he has no concept of numbers yet; he thinks they're all letters. So 3 is E, 4 is P. 5 and 2 are both S. I hate waking up at E:EO. Yesterday Paul got up with him around 6 (G), today was my turn. I managed to keep him laying down and quiet until almost 7 (he's lost on that one).

I don't have much else to say, other than I'm really tired, we're broke, and dishes need done. Maybe I'll take Kalten to the park today. There's a fire truck he likes to climb on. He's a huge fan of fire trucks. Yesterday there was a minor accident at the top of our street, so as much as I hate to be a gawker, I walked him up there to look at the trucks. The things we do for our kids.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to the new Prego Dooney blog!

I've decided to switch over from the other place because this one's free, and easier. We started blogging a lot later than we did with Kalten because, well, he keeps us so busy!

Today was our 20-week ultrasound. Everything's right on track as far as growth and due date (February 13, 2009). The nurse was taking all her measurements, and when she was doing the abdominal cavity, there was a brief flicker of a telltale shape and she goes "whoops!" so before she asked the big Would You Like to Know the Gender, I was pretty sure. Indeed, we're having another boy!

Kalten is about as cognizant of the changes as any 19-month-old can be expected to be. He points to my belly and says "baby!" He sees Paul talking to the baby, and the other night yelled "I YUH YUH!" (I love you) into my navel. It has started to pop out, and there's a dark spot that appeared with K and disappeared after he was born. It's back, and K loves to point at it and yell "EWWWW!" He's very kind and subtle about these things.

To answer the expected questions, yes we were trying, yes we hoped for another boy, no I actually really "felt" like it was a girl, no I haven't been nearly as sick as I was with Kalten (I only threw up twice, and both were after the first trimester. Once was only because I didn't bake the homemade pizza long enough and the middle was doughy. I love doughy pizza crust, but I guess Baby doesn't. The other time was bagel, and triggered by brushing my teeth), yes my hernia is really bugging me this time. I do believe it's worse than with K. Any other questions? On with the pictures then!
3D, but hiding his face
More of the same
Boy parts!