Monday, September 29, 2008

Not really about pregnancy

I got to sleep until 5:30 today! Once outrageously early, this is sleeping in for me lately. We gave Kalten some Benadryl because apparently he inherited Paul's allergies. He slept so much more comfortably, until 3:30 because he wasn't wearing pants and got cold. But he went right back to sleep when I covered him up, and when I got up to open the door for Audree and Trent at 5:30 I was able to hold him, asleep, on the couch until they came. Kalten loves Trent so much. When he comes in, K's face just lights up and he says "T! T! T!" over and over. It's funny because he only makes the T sound instead of the name of the letter.

I'm making broccoli soup in the crock pot. Right now I've got the broccoli, celery, and onions cooking in chicken broth and it smells so good. I'll add the milk and cream and flour when Paul's at school so it'll be ready when he gets home at 6:30.

I'm putting off sticking Kalten in the tub. We had Spaghettios for lunch and he's got an orange beard, with green beans hiding in various crevices. He never used to eat green beans, but now he will eat the whole can if you let him. The secret is that once, I was way behind in making whatever the main course was, so the only thing on his plate was beans and he was hungry. He realized that he actually liked them, and now they're the first thing that goes. So far he likes beans, broccoli (only cooked), corn, potatoes, and cucumbers. He won't touch carrots, even when I take a bite of them so they look like the moon. He has to really hate something to not want it even when it's a moon shape. That's how I got him to try cucumbers, and now he likes those.

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