Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"You just hit a pregnant lady!"

Yesterday stunk.

I paid $64 for a dentist to look at my teeth with a mirror and say "come back after your baby is born and then we can fix it." It would have been nice for them to tell me BEFORE that anything in the 3rd trimester is taboo. I had a lot of pain at Thanksgiving because of a toothache, and they couldn't get me in until yesterday.

Then on the way home I was waiting to turn left and suddenly -BAM!- I got rear-ended. The guy of course was all "I didn't hurt your car, come look" and meek little me went out and looked and OF COURSE you don't see anything right away. We were in the way and he was pushy like "I dented my truck, but your car is fine, want to forget about it?" I didn't want to be trouble, but I should have gotten his name and number, at least! The impact was enough to knock my hat off my head, after all. There's a stinking vertical dent next to the license plate, a deep dent in the license plate, and a few marks above. Nothing we'd actually turn in to insurance, all cosmetic I'm sure, but there's ME to worry about.

I wrote down everything I could remember about him and his truck, which is not much. So if any of you in the 'Port see a middle-age white guy with short dark hair driving a red Dodge(?) pickup truck with a dented front bumper over a license plate that's all numbers (11275?), be sure to give him the finger for me.

I feel fine, though, and the baby is moving normally, and Kalten wasn't with me, or he'd be getting checked out for sure.

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