Monday, September 29, 2008

It begins...

I remember this part of the pregnancy with Kalten. The feeling like whatever air you're breathing just isn't enough. Not that I can't breathe, but like I can't get enough. Have you ever put a plastic bag over your head just because someone told you not to? Barring any plastic clinging to your nose and mouth, you can still breathe, but after a few ins and outs, it isn't enough. Time to sign up for water aerobics again. The only relief I got with K was to float. But at the same time, the water made me cold, and the cold made my yayas hurt. Do you think insurance would cover a hot tub?

I was just finishing up the soup and I realized that I was unconsciously sucking my belly in. So I let it out, and it just kept going out, and out, and out! At least it felt that way. I looked down and saw the same old tiny bump that's always been there. But it feels huge!

Speaking of bump, I may or may not be posting pictures. I'm not a big pregobelly pic person. I only have a few of the Kalten bump. So don't expect it, and you won't be disappointed.

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