Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here comes a cold...

It always starts like this. A tiny feeling of "something" in my throat. Barely even sore, easy to ignore. Then tomorrow I'm going to wake up feeling like crap. Betcha.

I always get sick when I don't get enough sleep. This morning K was up at 2:30. TWO THIRTY. Pud took him in the car to try to get him back to sleep. Drove for almost an hour and decided it wasn't going to work. Headed for home, and by the time he got here, K was out.

So he gently took him out of the carseat, went to shut the car door, and our stupid cat had walked up and stuck his TAIL in there. So the cat SCREAMED, woke me up in the house, and of course woke K up. Pud brought him up to me and I tried to nurse him back down, but the adrenaline must have been too much. He would drift off, and sleep for a few minutes and then wake up crying.

We made a deal. Pud took him downstairs from 5:30-7:30 so I could sleep, and then he woke me up and I took him from 7:30-9:30 and Pud slept. He put on some soft songs on Windows Media Player with the visualization and basically hypnotized the kid to sleep for a little while. I wasn't so lucky, he was UP and ready to GO.

Around 8:30 he started asking for hot cocoa, so we walked to "YELLOW M!" (McDonalds) and I got Pud & me some greasy breakfast crap and a small hot cocoa for K. I drank a bunch of it, then poured milk in to cool it off and make it less strong, so it was more like warm, weak chocolate milk. Still, I felt like a big dork pushing the stroller with him slurping on a McD cup, since they don't have different cups for coffee and cocoa. I was positive everyone passing us was like "OMG YOU GIVE YOUR BABY COFFEE?!"

He was so funny in church today. Usually he likes the songs, and then I take him to the nursery afterward. He started getting restless in the middle of worship, so I said "do you want to go to the nursery?" He said yes, and I said, "but we're singing, don't you want to sing?" He started saying "nursery! nursery!" loudly over and over. Funny, cause last week he didn't want to go in. I set him down and said "wait for me" and started gathering his stuff. I looked up and he was gone. I ran out after him to help him down the steps. He stopped to peek in the baby nursery, which he always hated, and I started talking to the junior high pastor who was in there with his son. K ran out and into the toddler nursery and was apparently trying to check himself in. When I got there, I opened the little door and let him in, and he didn't even look back. When I went back to pick him up, he saw me and said kind of sternly, "ALL DONE!" and pointed to the toys. I don't know what that was about, if he was mad that they had picked up the toys or that I was there to get him or what. Either way, he picked up the cars he had brought and RAN to me, which made me feel pretty good. He heard the closing song start on the loudspeaker and yelled "DING!" which means sing. So we hurried back up there to sing the last song. He's such a character sometimes, he really cracks me up.

Nap went okay, I wish Pud would have been a little quieter, but it's hard for him to remember because he's not usually here for naptime and he's not the one who has to get sucked on to get the kid back to sleep.

The kids are coming at 5:45 tomorrow so I'm hoping he goes to sleep quickly so I can too.

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