Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to the new Prego Dooney blog!

I've decided to switch over from the other place because this one's free, and easier. We started blogging a lot later than we did with Kalten because, well, he keeps us so busy!

Today was our 20-week ultrasound. Everything's right on track as far as growth and due date (February 13, 2009). The nurse was taking all her measurements, and when she was doing the abdominal cavity, there was a brief flicker of a telltale shape and she goes "whoops!" so before she asked the big Would You Like to Know the Gender, I was pretty sure. Indeed, we're having another boy!

Kalten is about as cognizant of the changes as any 19-month-old can be expected to be. He points to my belly and says "baby!" He sees Paul talking to the baby, and the other night yelled "I YUH YUH!" (I love you) into my navel. It has started to pop out, and there's a dark spot that appeared with K and disappeared after he was born. It's back, and K loves to point at it and yell "EWWWW!" He's very kind and subtle about these things.

To answer the expected questions, yes we were trying, yes we hoped for another boy, no I actually really "felt" like it was a girl, no I haven't been nearly as sick as I was with Kalten (I only threw up twice, and both were after the first trimester. Once was only because I didn't bake the homemade pizza long enough and the middle was doughy. I love doughy pizza crust, but I guess Baby doesn't. The other time was bagel, and triggered by brushing my teeth), yes my hernia is really bugging me this time. I do believe it's worse than with K. Any other questions? On with the pictures then!
3D, but hiding his face
More of the same
Boy parts!

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