Friday, January 9, 2009

Ultrasound today

We're going in for the (hopefully) last ultrasound in about an hour. I remember being excited for this with Kalten, and being like "that blob is my baby?" This kid is out of room in there, and I know he's going to be just as squashed and hard to figure out as K was. Really, though, it's not for us but for growth and positioning, blah blah. They still print off the little pictures though. I only laminate the 20-week ones because you can tell it's a baby.

With K, I had a different doctor for this ultrasound because ours was busy with surgery. I'm actually kind of glad I got to meet him because he ended up being the one on call when K was born, and I don't generally like strangers reaching in my lady parts, doctor or not.

After this, appointments switch to every week. Good and bad because while it means we're almost to the end, it also means a lot of driving, shuffling K around, and a lot of time.

Paul's work is shutting down unpaid for the first week of February, so probably he'll use up all his vacation time right before the baby is born and I'll be on my own right from the start. Hopefully, though, I'll end up having him during that week and having Paul there with me for a while. I've been getting a "slightly early" vibe, but that could just be wishful thinking.

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