Monday, January 26, 2009

  • Hospital bag packed.

  • Clothes sorted, put away.

  • Bed ready.

  • Car seat coming.

  • Post-partum supplies ready.

I think all that's left is to go into labor!

No change as of last appointment (Friday). Sort of a letdown, but we still have high hopes for a First-Week-in-Feb baby so Paul will have time off. I'm feeling lots of movement and pressure low down that I never felt with K, maybe because it's my second time around and I'm more sensitive to it. Definitely doing the pregnant waddle! Lots of contractions all over the place, but nothing regular or serious. A couple are a little painful but not very, and they're so scattered I know it's not the real thing.

*Sigh* Part of me is so impatient for this baby to be born, and the rest of me is freaking out knowing he's coming so soon!

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