Saturday, February 14, 2009

2-week and 2-year checkup

Coen is up to 7 pounds, 11 ounces now and 19½ inches tall. Yesterday was his due date, and also his 2-week checkup. He's doing great, and really being more alert now. I don't know if he was so sleepy because he was a little early or what, but at his appointment he was so nice and awake! He's the same size now that Kalten was at birth.

Kalten is 34 inches and 31 pounds. We did his 2-year checkup at the same time as Coen's appointment. He'll be two big years old on Thursday! I can hardly believe it.

I wasn't expecting anything for Valentine's Day, but I got roses, candy, and MEXICAN FOOD! Way to go, Pud! I made chocolate mint cupcakes and more cherry crumble bread for him/us. Kalten picked out a box of chocolates for all of us to share. He didn't even know what was in it, he just liked the Garfield and Odie on the front. He thought there was a movie inside. He was just as happy to find out what was really in there!

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