Friday, July 17, 2009


Whew! So what's been going on since I posted last? Well, Coen finally rolled over and I missed it. Kalten can write a few letters in chalk on the sidewalk and copy marks that I make. My parents had an anniversary and we sent my dad on a biplane ride. He had a blast, and it was so cool to see him so happy, like a little kid!
What else? Kalten went to the fair with my parents, without us. They were out late and I missed him! When he came home he was talking about the ride he went on. I took him up to bed and was asking him questions. He was trying to be a stinker and kept saying "no!" after every question, but he couldn't stop himself from telling me all about it. He was so funny.
I finally got all the 0-3 month clothes out of Coen's dresser, and all the size 2 clothes out of Kalten's. Co's almost done with his 3-6 month stuff too. He fits nicely in the 6-9.
I'm tired and I will try to keep up more here. I'll post another if I can remember anything else important.

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