Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with poop

We were getting ready to go out for ice cream and Kalten was on the porch. He came in and said, "I'm eating ice!" Well, there's no ice on the porch, obviously. I asked him to show me where he got it, and he pointed to a spot where I found a piece of frosted decorative glass from a centerpiece we got at a friend's wedding. So I think he swallowed a piece of glass. I called the on-call doctor and we get to sift through K's poop for a while. Since it wasn't sharp, it'll probably pass right through, but if it doesn't by tomorrow we get to test out our new insurance. I don't even know for sure that he swallowed it. The piece I found on the porch might have been the piece he had in his mouth. I'm not looking forward to mushing through the kid's poop, but it really scares me. He'll probably end up with X-rays. The doctor said that if he starts having a stomach ache or any symptoms of bowel obstruction, we have to get him in right away. It's crazy. He never puts stuff in his mouth, and then... glass!

Here's what K has to say about the incident (he's bugging me to do letters):

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