Thursday, April 23, 2009

Done with diapers?

Kalten has been doing better and better staying dry. We hadn't really been consistent in what we put him in - some days we'd try underwear and switch to diapers, other days we didn't even try. I think that was confusing to him. Finally we started saying, "diapers are for sleeping," and putting him in underwear with no pants, for convenience. He had accidents, but slowly got better understanding of what his body was telling him and made it to the potty almost every time.

Now we put pants on him and even take him out without a diaper. We just have him go before and after. He's been to the library, Wal-Mart, and up to the hospital to see the helicopter. We were at the park on Friday and he said he needed to go, but he would NOT use the park's bathroom, nor would he go outside behind the fence. So I reluctantly put a diaper on him. By the time I got him home, he was asleep. When he woke up from his nap, though, he was still dry! He will not use public restrooms, but will use the big potty at other people's houses.

#2 is a different story. He consistently pooped in his underwear because for some reason he does not want to use the potty. Even for "big big candy," he wouldn't go. One day he hadn't gotten his underwear back on after potty, and he pooped on his toy fire truck! I never thought I would have to tell my child that we don't poop on our toys!

The other day I had him help me rinse out his underwear. I figured that with any other mess he makes, he is expected to help us clean it up. Why not poo too? It's not to be mean or punish him, and I wasn't mad, just tired of rinsing poopy underwear. He didn't like it, but he did it. The next day, he didn't poop at all, and the day after that he snuck one into the diaper right after naptime, clever kid.

Then last night, he kept saying, "I'm pooping!" He went upstairs "to play trains," but I think really he wanted to get away from us so he could poop. I followed, and suggested that he use the big potty upstairs, and he said "need do potty downdairs!" He came downstairs and sat on the potty chair. I ignored him and let him do his thing, and then he stood up and yelled, "yaaay Dalkit!" I looked and sure enough, he had gone!

Yesterday was the second day in a row that he stayed dry all day. We got three 10-packs of Hot Wheels cars pretty cheap and every day that he stays dry he gets to pick a new car at bedtime.

So how does it work potty training for night time? We did a ton of potty training at the daycare, but just during the day. Any advice?

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