Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny stuff

Just wanted to share a few recent anecdotes.

Kalten saw me reading a book and wanted me to read to him. I knew it was way over his head, but he seemed to be really listening. About halfway through the page, he suddenly interrupted me, saying, "I have eyebrows!"

He likes when I tell him bedtime stories about Simon, a character we made up. Simon does all sorts of things, many of them closely mirror Kalten's daily adventures. Last night, Simon went to Chuck E Cheese, just like Kalten did and, like Kalten, he picked four Tootsie Rolls as a prize. At that point in the story, Kalten held up three fingers and said, "I have this many Tootsie Rolls!" Thinking that he had just performed simple subtraction (because he had eaten one already and had three left), I encouraged him. "Yes, you had four and you ate one, so you have three!" I tried to get him to do some more. "What if you had four Tootsie rolls and you ate two?" He paused in thought for a few moments and answered, "I'd get sick!"

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